Coping With Post-Travel Blues


Traveling is what I live for... I live for the experiences, the new sights and sounds, adventures, and new cultures. Without nomadic activity, I feel stagnant and unmoved. Travel for me, like for many, fuels the soul and keeps us moving forward.

Since returning from a long stint in Asia, reality finally sunk in. Post-travel depression hit me like a ton of bricks! (YES IT's A THING!)  I'm no longer seeing new sights, meeting new people and rarely enjoying the small joys in every new day. I hope I'm not alone here, but I've been dealing with some mild depression stemmed from post-traveling. 

Most of the time I feel alone because while I wad away, life moved on for my friends and family. Sure they missed me, but they learned to live without me. I'm not trying to play the victim here, I am just stating the facts. You get used to not having someone around after awhile. (Especially when they leave for a long period of time). So when you return, they're initially excited to see you, but they've grown accustomed to not having you around. For them, it has become the norm. You soon become the friend that nobody calls anymore (not at all true, but let's go with it for the sake of this blog post). Being forgotten really SUCKS! 

Upon a return from an absolutely epic trip, not only do you miss experiencing new things every single day, but you also feel a little left out. SOOOOO.... how does one cope with these post-travel blues? 


Here are a few things that have helped me cope a little every day:

  1. Make plans at least twice a week with friends 
  2. Try to not get disappointed when you're not your friends top go-to gal/guy for advice. These things take time, try reaching out yourself.  
  3. Try something new every day! Whether that is taking a new route to work, trying a new cafe or lunch spot, or enrolling in a class. 
  4. Wake up at a decent hour every day. You'll end up feeling like your day has more purpose. 
  5. Plan your next trip, regardless if you have the money or not. Planning it will get you excited for a future adventure! 
  6. Watch Logan Paul Vlogs, Casey Neistat or any optimistic/energetic Vlogger!  ... Trust me ... These YouTube stars will make you laugh, and feel inspired to work hard every day. (NOT SPONSORED)
  7. Create a goal, action plan and work towards it!
  8. Listen to happy music.
  9. Watch Friends or Modern Family.... You know... The feel-good shows!
  10. Do meditation and yoga
  11. Exercise as often as possible!
  12. Get some sun every day!!!!!!! Even if that means stepping outside for a couple of minutes.
  13. Hydrate 
  14. Change your screensaver to your next travel destination! 

All these coping mechanisms are helping me shed my post-travel blues.  Any other suggestions?


Kyra xo-

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