A Trip of A Lifetime

I'm back travel buggers; feeling more inspired and refreshed than ever! I left home in February and have experienced more culture, change, and growth than I have ever experienced before. Though I'm not a big fan of the whole "finding yourself through travel" thing, I do have to admit that leaving home helps you gain perspective and clarity.

Travel allows us to experience the removal of comfort zones, allows us to embrace change and helps us appreciate differences. With a fresh outlook that comes from a place of gratitude, I must say that travel is the best medicine by far.

I am so over the moon excited to share my experiences with my travel bugger community and provide Y'all with some of my acquired insight of traveling for five months. You can expect more blog posts on travel, photography, sprinkled in with some style posts every Tuesday and Friday! Also, be sure to check out my YouTube channel sharing my weekly story through a personal Vlog. You'll get a sense of my life caught on camera, undergoing some crazy changes, starting a full-blown business and traveling more this summer! 

I look forward to growing this online community of travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and overall life lovers! See you all on the World Wide Web! 

With Love,

Kyra xo