Little Learnings from London

Take a photographic tour by scrolling through my London Travel Diary. Also, don't forget to read my list of "Little Learnings from London" below!


Little Learnings from London


1. No matter how many layers you wear, you will still be cold. The humidity cuts right through to the bone. Trust me... I wore two pairs of pants. Wear a lot of layers including a toque.

2. You can expect wet, cold and gray weather while traveling to the UK in February. 

3. Bring an umbrella... I forgot this one.

4. Bring multiple coats! If you only bring one coat like I did, all of your photos will look like they were captured on the same day. 

5. Take a double-decker city bus, it's worth the London experience and a nice break from the cold. 

6. Find live music.

7. Do NOT bike in London. The idea may seem cute and all, but I highly do not recommend this, unless... A) you are a bicycling enthusiast. B)  Used to a vast amount of car and foot traffic. C) Like to bike on the opposite side of the road and like to use opposite hand signals D) Like dodging pedestrians on busy streets. E) Enjoy not wearing protective head gear. F) Like being REALLY STRESSED OUT! As you can tell... I was pressured into doing this one... 

8.  You CAN find great food in London. Check Yelp, and online reviews before you hit the restaurants.

9.  Using the Underground (London's version of the metro, subway or city train) to get to an area of town is quite handy. However, try to walk as much as possible and minimize your train ticket purchases, it can rack up!

10. Stay sunny! People in London are quite delightful and extremely helpful despite the weather :). If you're lost, I guarantee a Londoner will be willing to help you. 


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