Tanzania Travel Diary

Wow, where to begin on this one… When I think of my trip to Tanzania, I get an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. A feeling of pure contentment. When you leave home and travel 8,900 miles to such a foreign place, the experience puts everything you know into perspective.

A place like Tanzania can reveal so much about our Western world. Its raw beauty uncovers the truth about how consumed our lives are with total insignificance and insincerity. From the rat race, to materialism, to just getting ahead, are factors that are completely foreign to Tanzanians.

This country has reserved a special place in my heart. The people, the beautiful landscape, and everything else in between, served as a reminder to take a step back from my little bubble and truly appreciate what I have. This place reminded me to practice gratitude, remember my fortune and recognize that there is so much the world has to offer. 

The first week, our group trekked up the Machame route, with the goal of reaching Africa's highest peak. After five days, we all proudly made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro! Check out the Vlog of our climb! 


I have never experienced so many shooting stars! Waking up at 9 pm to hike for eight hours up to the summit, in order to catch the sunrise, was completely worth it when you're surrounded by stars like these! 

Catching the sunrise on our last stretch to the summit. The thin air was getting to us, but the beautiful view made up for the lack of oxygen. 

I have never pushed myself so hard physically. I would consider myself quite fit... but when you are walking parallel to airplanes, things look a little different up there. I was walking slower than a senior turtle, but somehow (thanks to my guide Bruce, who dragged my ass up that mountain and gave me a pep talk every five minutes) I made it to 19, 341 feet! 

The last part of our trip, we hit the road. First, we visited the Manyara Lake National Park, where we spotted an array of segregated wildlife. Stop number two, was the Serengeti National Park. Smack in the middle of the park, we set up camp and listened to the lions roar at night… spooky! 


Overall, the trip was truly amazing. I highly recommend visiting this beautiful country at least once in your life! Now, I can scratch this one off the bucket list!

Hakuna Matata,


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