101 Watch & Beatlejuice Pants

There are two key features I love most about this outfit. One, the pants, and two, the watch. Okay, Okay…I know that the pants aren’t quite “Beatlejuice” level, but a friend of mine keeps referring to them as my “Beatlejuice pants”, so I’m going to roll with it. I bought these pants six months ago at Brandy Melville. Unfortunately, I could not find the exact pair online, but found a similar style, provided in the link below.

The watch was a gift from 101.watch. (Thank you by the way). They have the cutest watches online, and shipping is free! The brand of watch I am wearing is called: SIMPL. This classic accessory can really go with any outfit. The watch is durable, waterproof and fairly inexpensive (see link below).

This past weekend I headed to the mountains where I boated and sipped on a Mojito lake side. I hope you all enjoyed the August long weekend, I sure did!

- Kyra xo