How to Elevate Your Casual Style

What do the Yankees and Fall have in common? Probably nothing really... except for the fact that you can wear a Yankees ball cap and create a casual look on the go. EXCELLENT! I have to be honest with you… Sometimes I have hard time putting together a casual outfit that is acceptable in public. When I dress casual, I wear Lululemon pants, a baggy T-shirt that has Justin Bieber’s face pasted on it, hair in a messy bun, no makeup, and glasses. It’s a hot look… NAWT!

I’m trying to elevate my so called “casual” style, from looking less like a homeless person, to looking casually chic. It isn’t an easy transition, but since I’m on the purging path, I’d like to start with my closet. Here are three key standards to clearing out my casual homeless attire, and elevating my so called ‘casual’ style.  

1)    Holes, Rips, and Tears

Anything with holes, rips or tears, toss it! It’s as simple as that. Sometimes I call upon my inner seamstress and believe that I can fix everything. I’m sure that one day I could probably fix anything I set my mind to, but in reality, my projects get put on hold and they end up collecting dust for years.

2)    Haven’t Worn it in 1 Year

I’ve established a rule that if I have not worn the clothing item for longer than one year, that I will most likely never wear it. Maybe the odd day… but the item isn’t worth taking up useful closet space when I could store a perfectly stylish outfit in its place. TIME TO LET IT GO.


This is probably the hardest style transition every 20 something-year-old will go through… ADULTING!!! The word frightens. This inevitable transition into adulthood also relates to wardrobe choices. Having to let go of my ‘casual’ style of fuzzy candy cane pajamas, or my comfy Hollister sweater is high on my priority list. My hoarder tendencies seem to shine through when I go through the process of decluttering my closet. This process of adulting is definitely necessary, no matter how hard I avoid it. I need to accept that it is time to let go of teenage memories and create a sophisticated adult wardrobe.

As am packing my whole life in boxes, I would love to hear your tips on decluttering your wardrobe, and creating adult ‘casual’ outfits. I look forward to hearing from you!

- Kyra xo