Stepping Outside - Fall Style

Working from home has been a wonderful blessing, yet can come with challenges of its own. It is so easy to get cooped up in your apartment for days on end, wearing nothing but Lulu’s and allowing your hair to form a sea of grease. YUCK! When your head is buried in work, it is easy to get swallowed whole by your little comfort bubble and deprive you of actual human interaction. It was time for me to stop being a hermit!

I’ve taken it upon myself to increase my vitamin D levels and to step outside at least once a day! Studies have proven that it is extremely beneficial to get some fresh air and to take a walk outside, in order to increase your productivity, happiness, and health. As put by the Crazy Busy Life “Our brains need twenty percent of the oxygen we breathe. More oxygen equals more clarity, concentration, and energy.” So step outside, get some fresh oxygen, and take in the sweet sun rays we are oh so deprived of, here up north. Join me on this challenge of stepping outside for at least twenty minutes, once per day.


Luckily, our weather was in our favour, and the fall colours complimented my attire. Find the links to this business casual look below: