A Big 'Thanks'

These last few months have been life changing, transitional and introspective. I haven’t had the courage to share what I’ve been going through with very many people, even those close to me. After a few months processing all of these life changes, (and after watching far too many Brene Brown TedTalks), I’ve reached a point where I am willing to expose my vulnerability and share my experiences with all of you. 

In May, I said goodbye to someone who I thought would be a big part of my future. Ending relationships can be heart wrenching for so many reasons. Saying goodbye to comfort, what could have been, future plans and to the person himself, threw me into a whirlwind of pain and liberation. The whole experience was bitter sweet, but it didn’t stop there…

I was on a role! The break up was only the start of me clearing out pain, and things that simply did not work in my life. I began to purge. I purged my job, and started to listen to my intuition and began “creating”, while feeding my entrepreneurial spirit. I purged so-called “friends”, to let my current relationships grow stronger and to allow for new friendships to blossom. I purged certain perceptions of life, and set up goals towards attaining a certain lifestyle. I purged negative thoughts, and forced myself to think more optimistically. I’m in the process of purging old clothes, all of my furniture and refused to renew my lease on my one and only apartment – so I can embark on a new adventure of exploring foreign lands in the New Year. I guess you can say that I went a little nuts clearing out all of the “junk”.

This act of purging all of the familiar, and diving into the unknown, is extremely exciting and terrifying all at the same time. This past Thanksgiving, I wanted to reflect all that I am grateful for and say ‘thanks’ for these last few months. This whole experience has liberated me, helped me grow, and given me the opportunity to form new and stronger friendships. I am thankful for all of the curveballs thrown at me, and look forward to more unexpected, throw me on my ass, life-changing experiences. 

- Happy Thanksgiving - 


Kyra -xo