Kyra Weston Blog is a lifestyle blog that captures Kyra's personal style, travels, design and beauty. After creating the website in 2013, the blog became a personal & creative outlet until she finished her Bachelors degree in Communications. With more available focus, the blog is soon transforming into a source of visual inspiration she can share with all of you. 



Thank you for visiting Kyra Weston Blog! I'm so grateful you could pop by & check out my creative endeavours, inspirations and (mis) adventures. I am so happy that I can share my love of fashion, travel, design & photography with all of you. If you'd like to learn more about my day job, please visit me at www.weston-creative.com. I encourage you to listen to your intuition, & let inspiration guide you. (It has worked out for me so far). Please follow your big dreams and believe 100% in your fire. 


With Support From

Alexa Stollbert

Alexa and Kyra met in High School where they automatically bonded over art, fashion, design, boys (!), and travel. After nine years, Alexa and Kyra have made this girl-crush official by partnering on the Kyra Weston Blog. Alexa is not only Kyra's cheer leader, but also helps to provide management support and content creation for the blog.

About Alexa

When Alexa isn't obsessing over Kendall Jenner's most recent street style look and golden-doodles (because lets face-it, how can you not?!), she is pursuing some type of creative activity. Be that volunteering for an artists market, creating her own jewelry or drawing, she is always looking for an outlet to let her ideas fly. As well, as a self proclaimed travel-nerd,  Alexa has taken that nerdom to the next level and turned it into a job. She currently works to provide international opportunities to students and staff at the University of Calgary. Other than that, you can often find Alexa leaving bootcamp for a deep glass of good red wine, or hitting up Kananaskis with her BF.



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