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Thank you for visiting my little space on the internet! I'm so grateful you could visit my website and follow my creative endeavours, photographs from around the world, and latest videos.

I’m originally from Calgary, Canada, but have recently relocated to the west coast with my boyfriend Carson (@carsonludwick) and my dog+cat (Ronaldo+Yoda). Living in Vancouver, Canada, allows us the opportunity to explore a whole new side of Canada. We’ve yet to discover magical places on the West Coast, and I encourage you to share your ideas with us along this journey.

This blog is mainly a place for me to share my thoughts, photographs, and travels. If you so happen to stumble on this website, I hope you can gain a source of inspiration to pursue your own passions, and learn about our world through my past experiences, adventures and photographs. I hope you can appreciate my sense of wonder, and my need to express myself through my own form of creativity. I encourage everyone to explore your passions to the fullest, ignore the norms and the expectations set-out by society, and listen to your intuition. Please follow your big dreams and believe 100% in your fire. 




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